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TUTAKA is the procurement partner for hospitality businesses, that we could not find. A marketplace for hosts who want to turn away from harmful products and cater their guests truly good experiences. We are the agency, that we were looking for. One that supports hosts in communicating their sustainability efforts without greenwashing or falling for clichés. One that does not paint the future black, but colorful and bright. We are the go-to-source for sustainable hospitality.


Sustainable and bold operational supplies, equipment and products for the hospitality industry.



We offer Design Sprints, Communication Strategies, Talks and Workshops. Intrigued?

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Inspiring articles and exciting cooperations for those that can't get enough! 

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Operational Supplies & Equipment

We went through phone books, search engines, fairs and friends-of-friends contacts to find the best ecoistic products, services, designs and ideas for hosts. That took a while. However, now we are online and the marketplace is even more beautiful than we could have imagined. 



We want change.

We were tired of compromising on our own ecoistic needs when travelling, partying, eating out, going for a drink, sleeping in a hotel. We saw that hosts encounter problems when they start their sustainability journey. We love challenges! So we created TUTAKA.

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Strategy, Communication, Procurement

Looking for the initial spark, ecological transformation, a creative sustainability consultant, a long-term strategic partner with a strong focus on ecoism and true value creation? TUTAKA could be your future companion.

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The hotel industry must reduce its absolute carbon emissions by 90% by 2050 to stay within the 2°c threshold agreed at COP21. 


Tourists may generate up to twice as much solid waste per capita as local residents. 


A 50-room hotel consumes an average of 7.000 to 10.000 one-way hotel slippers per year.


At German festivals about a third of the tents remain. For a festival with 70.000 visitors that means that approximately 15.000 tents will be left behind. 


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