Hej, we are TUTAKA. 
We make sustainable sourcing for the hospitality industry easy. 

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We are Ecoists. Sustainability is our rationale. We face the challenges of our time with courage and drive, inspired by our eponym Pippi and her bold adventures. How can we increase guests and employees well-being? How can we create a community around sustainability? How do we accelerate the ecoistic rationale in hotels, restaurants and the event industry? How can we bring more sustainability to an industry that is still in the early stages of transformation?

Do we have a problem here?


We asked ourselves what hinders hosts to become sustainability champions.

  • Hosts lack resources, capacities and time.

  • Sustainability can be harmful to the image, if dealt with too superficial.

  • Market entry barriers such as wholesalers or procurement associations, price pressure and strict contracts stop sustainable, often small suppliers to shine.

  • Sustainability has been too often connected to abdication and being unaesthetic. Words that have nothing to do with it.

No, only oportunities


This is how hosts can become sustainability champions.

  • Numerous audited and sustainable products and services presented in an all-in-one source

  • Transparency and an offer without greenwashing traps 

  • Visibility for sustainable, often small suppliers

  • We understand sustainability as a quality dimension with multiple added values and communicate creatively the endless benefits.


Who are we?

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We make it easy

We make sustainable sourcing easy. How do we do that? With radical transparency, pure ecoism, great precision, honest commitment, cliché-free communication, sustainable technology, good service, creative knowledge transfer.

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The founders

TU... who?

Prior to founding the company, Alexandra developed hotel concepts and brands. Meanwhile Franziska experienced the negative effects of unsustainable consumption patterns in various industries such as automotive, real estate and fashion. A few dozen monotonous plastic hotel slippers and joint brainstorming sessions later, the idea for TUTAKA was born.

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... of kick-ass biodegradable hotel slippers? Cradle-to-Cradle napkins? Recycled straws? Resource-gentle hangers? Vegan bath amenities? CO2-saving giveaways? Anything related to the hospitality industry and everything that is truly materialistic. We'd love to get to know you!

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... a hotel-restaurant-bar owner, event location operator, guest enchanter? Want to procure more sustainably? Already top-notch eco, but don’t know how to tell the world? Frustrated about the »EGO not ECO« attitude? Eager to build a climate positive, waste-free, fairtrade organization? 

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