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Looking for the initial spark, ecological transformation, a creative sustainability consultant, a long-term strategic partner with a strong focus on ecoism and true value creation? TUTAKA Island could be your future companion.


Long-term and holistic agenda setting

  • Co-creating strategic frameworks, visions, purpose, goals and milestones
  • Co-developing reporting, control and optimization mechanisms 


Distinction and credibility through considered supply chains that excel customer needs

  • Co-writing Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Sourcing ecoistic FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment) and OS&E (Operating Supplies and Equipment)


Long-term and widespread recognition of efforts and shared value

  • Co-shaping brand value and truth
  • Co-engaging in stakeholder dialogue 
  • Co-creating stories and customer-centric campaigns with a thunderstorm-like creative team 

Innovating through sustainability

Invite us to co-create a one-of-a-kind sustainability strategy, brand positioning and product range. Together we will leverage what makes you special and match it with what customers today truly care about. We will come along with a well-equipped toolbox full of ideas, design thinking methods and sustainability knowhow.

Let's create value through sustainability

  • Value Creation through improved brand perception
  • Value Creation through circular customer experiences
  • Value Creation through deeper consideration of clients needs and ethical values
  • Value Creation through superb and distinguished product development
  • Value creation through forward-thinking and precautionary actions (consistently monitoring developments of legislation, industry and society)

How we work

Case Studies

Communication & Procurement

c/o cabanas

The client, the architect and ourselves had the highest sustainability ambitions for the project. You can see, feel, smell, hear and touch the result. 360° sustainable holiday houses that take care of ecoistic guests!

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Design Thinking Workshop


In this workshop we, together with the Viennese Alkaline Food Caterer and Retailer BASENBOX, worked out potentials on how to become more ecoistic. We engaged in design thinking to build campaign content and developed ideas for targeting offices and "lunch-breakers".

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Awareness Campaign


On the occasion of the United Nations Sustainable Gastronomy Day we decided to couple up with creatives of the design uni HYPER ISLAND to create an awareness campaign.

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Sustainability Concept

Hollereck Art & Music

Together with the Hollereck team, we developed ideas on how to reduce waste and the CO2 footprint compared to previous years. We created colorful messages about individual impact and community involvement.

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Zero Waste Minibar

Together with a hotelier we redefined the minibar experience! We designed a waste free, memorable concept with truly delicious snacks and beverages.

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Kunsthaus Dresden

We prepared and executed an introductory workshop on "Sustainable procurement and communication" and took part in a panel discussion on the Dresden “Müllmanifesto”.

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The BO event locations are sustainability champions. We analysed their external communication and developed creative, new impulses with the team. The focus was particularly on the added value of sustainability for guests and organisers.

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As part of the consulting team of Green Events Hamburg (GEHH), we advised, together with Lorenz Fontheim, the one-day event Frühlingserwachen in Wilhelmsburg. Together we developed a multi-layered sustainability mission statement with fields of action and measures to anchor sustainability in the event and communication strategy of the Frühlingserwachen. 

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Benediktiner Weißbräuhaus 

We accompanied the new opening of the Benediktiner Weißbräuhaus in Gießen and, together with Tim Plasse's team, developed a sustainability strategy with a mission, goals, objectives and practical fields of action. Off to Gießen - where not only the food is heavenly (and sustainable). 

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Greentable x UBA 

Right next to the Spree River, surrounded by vegetable gardens and lots of fresh air, the Environmental Education Centre Berlin is the perfect place for a day of co-creation and creative brainstorming. 13 trainees put their heads together and tinkered with solutions to bring sustainability with hands-on learning into the gastronomy industry.

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What has been said about us

TUTAKA Island team

Who we are

Alexandra Herget 

Creative Lead, Marketing & Guest Experience | Alexandra's LinkedIn

Alexandra developed hospitality concepts before founding TUTAKA in the beginning of 2018 after being frustrated seeing the amount of things that are thrown away every day in a hotel. Studying Interactive Art Direction at HYPER ISLAND, Graphic Design at M.DH and getting a M. Sc. in Strategy & Innovation helped along the way. Her time at The Ritz Carlton, hospitality competence and the Hotelmarketing Gruppe as well. She is mad for unusual ideas, boldness, ecoistic people, typography and Scandinavian design. 

Franziska Altenrath

Business Development and R&D | Franziska's LinkedIn

Franziska gained various insights into the problems and effects of unsustainable consumption patterns from different industries such as automotive, real estate and fashion. Being a true materialist herself, excited about design, materials and production, she searched for ways to challenge the status quo. She decided that it is time to reach to the roots of sustainability concepts and went back to University to study Ethics, Politics and Economics at LMU in Munich. Here she dedicated her thesis to "Sustainability and Humanitarianism in Tourism" and started the TUTAKA journey. 

Charlotte Opatz

Junior Sustainable Transformation Consultant | Charlotte's LinkedIn

As a child, Charlotte dreamed of becoming an explorer. Years later, she followed her enthusiasm for environmental processes and the preservation of its diversity with a degree in environmental sciences. With an M.Sc. in Sustainable Business and Innovation from the University of Utrecht, she further deepened her knowledge. Charlotte learned about the difficulties of in-house sustainability strategies during her residencies at the Swiss Barry Callebaut AG and the Dutch sustainability consultancy inclsve. At TUTAKA, Charlotte accompanies hosts on their way towards creating more ecoistic guest experiences and sustainable transformation. She screens suppliers on TUTAKA's thorough sustainability criteria and occasionally whips out her pen to share knowledge and innovation.

Pauline Dittmeyer

Marketing and Sales Manager | Pauline's LinkedIn

The topic of sustainability has been of great interest to Pauline for a long time. With a background in marketing and a M.Sc. in Digital Project Management, she now combines her collective expertise and passion for sustainability and digital products at TUTAKA. Pauline is the contact person for sustainable suppliers and eco-friendly hosts and ensures that all processes run smoothly. Online, on social networks and offline, she activates external communication - following the motto spread the good word.

Jana Hemmer

Assistent to the management | Jana's LinkedIn

Jana started her journey on TUTAKA island with an internship in line with her studies “Tourism and Management”. This way she combined two of her passions - sustainability and hospitality! During her internship she focused on the fields marketing, communication and business development. For TUTAKA Jana was an instant match-made-in heaven, so it was no surprise that she keeps supporting the team as a student trainee. Marketplace development, creative content production and sustainability research are part of her tasks to drive forward our mission, a more ecoistic hospitality industry.


Moritz Sandweg Intern Alexa Heese Intern Ida Lobkowicz Intern — Paula Reuber Intern — Julia Loeffler Designer — Jan Ploch Designer & Developer — Dr. Andreas Lohmeyer Notary & Lawyer — Sascha Martin Photography


In search of a meaningful internship, an entourage for your thesis within the topic of sustainability and communication, creative stardom?

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Workshops and Webinars

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We offer open workshops and webinars on specific topics.

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The Green Event

Whether it is a company’s culture, their commitment to sustainability or CSR-reporting strategy - the demand for Green Meetings, Events and Conferences is growing. We invite you to our popular webinar!

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21st September 2020, HAMBURG

Nachhaltiges Storytelling (German)

Nachhaltigkeit kommunizieren ohne Klischees und Greenwashing? Geschichten erzählen, die ankommen und binden? Unser Team führt ein in die Welt der Ecoisten und des kreativen Storytellings durch Nachhaltigkeit.

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