Design Thinking Workshop


In this workshop we showed the Viennese Alkaline Food Caterer and Retailer BASENBOX potentials on how to become more ecoistic. We elaborated on ways to communicate this and developed ideas for targeting as well as reaching offices and "lunch-breakers". The energetic team wants to rEVOLutionze the lunch scene in Austria's capital, promoting health and well-being with their truly good food.

"There is an immense potential for BASENBOX to become the lunch solution for employers and employees in Vienna. Playing with stereotypes, sharpening their sustainability positioning and utilizing communal needs for health, belonging and distinction will open the gateway. Also, BASENBOX can communicate its ecoistic efforts with more self-assertiveness. You are good, now tell the world (or at least Vienna)." Franziska from TUTAKA

  • Sustainability Keywords:
    regional, seasonal, healthy (and so delicious), social
  • Our input:
    1-day workshop, Scan Cards with Primary and Secondary Research
  • Methodology:
    IDOARRT, Future Mapping, Scan Cards, Clichéing & Disruptive Hypothesis, Speed Dating
  • Idea of the Day:
    "Viennese Lunch rEVOLution"

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"TUTAKA helped us to challenge the common understanding of what sustainability means to consumers. They showed us what different approaches and attitudes our clients might have about the subject.
The knowledge provided was accompanied by inspiring best-practice examples. On top, they prepared a profound amount of research. The applied design-thinking methodologies coined a bold creative drive at our office. What a day! We really enjoyed the combination of deep-diving team work, inspiring knowledge transfer and the playful quirkiness of the TUTAKA team!"