Product Development

Zero Waste Minibar

In how far does the mini bar contribute to your guests wellbeing? Right: not at all. In fact it might damage it. We know way too much about the negative effects of certain chocolate bars or sodas including their packaging. Would you call that a great customer experience? We do not think so. Together with a hotelier we re-invented the hotel mini bar last year! We created a unique concept promoting health and community and wrote stories about regionality, nutrition and tradition that can be proudly told and shared. Bye, bye, stomach-ache, palm oil, dyestuffs, chunks of sugar. Hello well-being and good energy!


  • Creation of zero waste minibar concept including handling, checklists, assortment of (regional) goods, briefing of staff
  • S, M, L glasses & boxes as well as labeling
  • Research of local partners for products (chocolate, nuts, sweets, dry fruits, seeds, drinks)
  • Communication Tools incl. pricing list, nutritional benefits, sensitilization “conventional” mini bar (plastic, palm oil,...)

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Which right to exist does the conventional Minibar even have whilst new, healthy gastronomical concepts are opening their doors at every street corner? We could not find an answer. That is why we created this workshop.