Is the world upside down?

Yes! Because everywhere you look, you will find teams working on innovative, sustainable ideas, products and services challenging the status quo. We like to bring people together at our own events or participate as speakers on the topics of ecoism, hospitality, hotel and catering, circular economy, sustainability, conscious consumption and production.


How to host and talk to Ecoists

Sustainability claims are ever growing and have long reached out of the niche of sandal wearing hippies. Yes, awareness for sustainability issues has come a long way. And whilst they still aren’t in safe hands, they have reached a hyper interesting target group. We call them Ecoists. Ecoists love sustainability egoistically and thus challenge brands, hosts, designers and developers to think of nothing less than their raison d’être: what am I doing and in how far does it give value to my client?

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New Materialism - How consumerism has evolved

Materialism seems to be a thing of the past. Replaced by Mindfulness, Zero Waste and the Sharing Economy! But is this the whole truth? We don't think so. What we believe in is a new materialism. One that challenges the framework of the consumerism we have established: Communication without true content, rigid and intransparent supply chains, market submissions. How can we turn the desire for new materialism into functioning business models? How can we overcome the current structures? And where the hell do we take the energy from that it requires to change?

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Disentangling the zero waste movement

There is a theory in philosophy claiming that every thesis has a counterpart - the antithesis. We ain’t philosophers. But what if the so-called Zero Waste movement, rallying outcries for plastic-freedom or hashtags like #stopsucking are simply that: the antithesis of the story and promises of consumerism. We look into how consumerism has evolved and ask the question of questions: how will the synthesis of consumerism and zero waste look like? How will it all evolve? How will we consume in the future?

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Franziska Altenrath at the Z2X Conference in Berlin in the end of August 2019.

Photo: Phil Dera and Alexander Probst für ZEIT ONLINE

Alexandra Herget and her archenemy: The Hotel Slipper. Toegther with Blue Farm we organized the event "Reducing the Foodprint" in Berlin. 

Eco not Ego at the Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (Federal Ministry for Development and Cooperation)


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