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Speaking about your sustainability efforts feels like entering a battlefield for you? And you consider yourself a pacifist? Then this workshop is exactly what you need. Sustainability attracts ideologies and strong feelings, which make life hard for actual business operations. Pragmatism and saving the world do not seem to be a perfect match.

We will prove you wrong. They might not be aware of it, but they are meant to be together. Smart sustainability communication leaves behind a world of empty claims, green logos and empurpled language. Together, we co-create a unique and intriguing communication strategy providing answers, guaranteeing affection and establishing the number one sales factor for millennials: credibility.

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Content of Workshop:

  • Sustainability - what does it even mean
  • We are the new generation of guests - We are Ecoists
  • Setting constraints: Clicheing & Greenwashing
  • Best Practice: Masters & Forerunners of sustainable Communication
  • Time to get to work:
    Co-Creating your Communication Strategy

Further information: 

  • Location: happy to meet you whereever suits you best
  • Duration: from 1-day workshop to monthly coaching & support
  • Price: depends on your needs & wishes 

Ecoists are your new generation of guests. What do they care about? What do they want? Who do they dedicate their love to in times of abundance?