The Green Event

Whether it is a company’s culture, their commitment to sustainability, reputational issues or generational changes - the demand for Green Meetings, Events and Conferences is growing. For venues and event planners this presents a unique chance for brand differentiation and targeted product development in a highly competitive environment. Becoming an “ecoistic” business destination is both highly challenging and exciting.

In this workshop TUTAKA walks you through the steps and provides a guided framework for establishing a Green Conference and Event DNA. Together, we look at the negative and positive impacts of events and conferences, define realistic objectives and create a tangible process of improvement. We also assist with cliché-free communication, employee involvement, supply chains and stakeholder onboarding.

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Further information:

  • Date: tbd
  • Time: 14 - 17 o'clock
  • Location: World Wide Web
  • Price/ Participant:
    90 Euro plus 19% VAT incl. summary of presented contents, Scan Cards with fields of action, confirmation of participation and Q&A session
  • Suited for: Entrepreneurs, producers, marketing and event managers, hosts
  • Questions? Write us.

Content of Workshop:

  • Sustainability - what does it even mean
  • We are the new generation of guests - We are Ecoists
  • Setting constraints: Clicheing & Greenwashing
  • Foot- and Handprint of conferences and events
  • Fostering the Wellbeing of Participants and Employees

How to make it to someones photo album? Together we create a conference offering that your clients and guests will proudly share and associate themselves with.


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