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Ambitious to reduce food waste by 15% in 2019? Eager to get a grip on your CO2 emissions? Efficient water management is on your agenda? Waste reduction and increased recycling quotes are top-notch priorities for you? Yes, for us as well! But we can’t do it alone. That’s why we have teamed up with amazing partners.

Ecoistic Minibar

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Time for a change! We redeem the minibar from its "must-have" and "if-nothing-else-more-goes" existence and move it exactly where it belongs: in the center of a great guest experience!

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CO2 reporting


MyClimate helps you to calculate, reduce and compensate your emissions. The European Company offers  consulting services, educational and climate protection projects. myclimate smart 3 is a web-based platform and software for standardized carbon footprinting, resource management and for the management of sustainability data for hotels, restaurants, festivals and events.

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Coffee-To-Go Solution


320,000 disposable single-use cups are thrown away in Germany every single hour. RECUP is a deposit system for coffee-to-go cups. You enable the “to-go” experience whilst massively reducing waste, associating your brand with actively fighting a major concern of consumers today. Hosts will not only save the costs of the disposable cups, but preserve our resources. Yiha!

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Event and Festival Toilets


ÖKLO provides high-quality and sustainable composting toilets for festivals and events, including service staff that takes care of the maintenance and cleaning of the sanitary facilities on site. The toilets will turn the most unpleasant part of celebrating into a good experience and add to your event's ecological value making. Interested?

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Reusable Cup Concepts

Pool Solutions

Especially at festivals and big events operators and guests are confronted with large mountains of (plastic) rubbish. An average festival visitor causes 10 times more waste than in everyday life at home (Green Goal Legacy Report, 2016). Choose reusable concepts instead of disposables! What's in it for you? Waste prevention, eco not ego and happier guests!

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Energy Efficiency

Aid for energy

Saving energy does not only guarantee a place in the hall of fame of climate protection but also saves money. Led lighting, solar photovoltaic, heat pumps, insulation, biomass boiler, heating, refrigeration – endless possibilities but also too much information and implementation obstacles. We got together with some energy consultants to support hosts. Shall we introduce you to them?

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Sustainable Gastronomy


Top chefs such as Christian Rach and Heinz O. Wehmann support the initiative, that wants to make gastronomy more sustainable. Why? Because greener practice delivers more value to guests. Health is a major concern of different generations alike. Health for themselves, their children and others. But also waste, air quality and social factors matter. By joining GreenTable hosts can show that they share their guests cares and worries. A recipe for customer loyalty. Also, we love their “Beste Reste Box”-idea, reducing food waste caused by leftovers. 

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Hotel Soap Recycling Program

Clean the World

The non-profit organization collects hygiene products of over 5,000 hotels, B&Bs, Villa rentals & Resorts worldwide and transforms them into newly recycled soaps, which are then redistributed to those in need. Hosts can show that they do not compromise on offering soaps but care about the leftovers at the same time. The mission of CTW is to implement environmental sustainability for service providers (waste recycling) and to provide basic hygiene needs (soap) to the underprivileged. Their soap program is an all-inclusive program that includes bins for collecting and the pick-up of those bins. Want to learn more about CTW?

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Food Waste

Softwares & Tips

We recommend you to check out our blog post about how to undermine, prevent and decrease food waste in your kitchen and operations. Also, Winnow, a British food waste software provider, has created a great amount of information for hosts (Check it out here >). Depending on your size, we can also recommend you to work with them. Intrigued?

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Green Cleaning 

Gäste erwarten kompromisslose Sauberkeit. Gastgeber wollen ihre Prozesse und Kosten optimieren. Viel zu oft werden dabei für Mensch und Natur schädliche Substanzen verwendet. Medeco Cleantec, die Erfinder von Green Cleaning, räumen auf mit Chemie und machen Platz für ein nicht nur gesundes, sondern auch noch kostenoptimiertes Reinigungsverfahren. Microtrockendampf reinigt rückstandslos und ist sogar hygienischer als die Verwendung herkömmlicher Reinigungsmittel. 

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Water Filtration and Vitalization


LEOGANT transforms tap water to fresh spring water quality. For hotels, spas, restaurants, yoga studios and bars, the water-loving company creates customized water treatment concepts and design mountings that not only filter pollutants, but also restore the natural balance of water. 

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Pedal Power Energy

Muscle Powered Event Modules

One thing is to be said in advance: The Pedal Power Energy event modules are not just suitable for festivals, such as the energy-self-sufficient FUTUR2FESTIVAL in Hamburg. They also inspire at events, conferences, pop-ups and in hotels. 

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Bamboo bikes rental model


Hosts, hoteliers and event organizers can now offer their guests great bikes with cool designs and best functionalities. On top comes the economic attractiveness of the offering!

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Inspire your guests with biodiversity

Guests strive for experience, relaxation, community and well-being. Guests do not want to harm the environment but rather behave correctly. In order to do so, they have to rely on the expertise of the local host. Every ecosystem is special and worthy of discover.

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