A concept and prototype by Sebastian Härder

Fun.Bin - The Speaking Trash Bin 

Garbage is dirty and annoying. Something to get rid of. Something causing work. Negativity all the way. All that explains why festival grounds turn into waste war zones. Sebastian decided it would be time for a change and gamification would be the answer.

An ultrasonic sensor triggers sound and light as soon as trash is thrown into the bin.

Through positive feelings and associations people learn much better new things (or things that they have forgotten).

Several Fun.Bins could also communicate with each other via Bluetooth.

Hundreds of tons of garbage are produced at festivals. This is a problem for both festival visitors and organizers as garbage looks neither beautiful nor creates a positive experience - not to mention the environmental impact! Even if the cleaning crews come to tidy up the grounds after the guests, countless small parts have already been trampled into the ground. "What can I do about it?" Sebastian Härder wondered.

Address people! With a garbage bin! This is the innovative idea of ​​the industrial design student. Fun.Bin is a device that is installed in the lid of a garbage bin. But that isn’t the fun part! Every time someone executes his or her garbage duty and throws something inside, Fun.Bin will react. How? Well, that is up to you, festival organizer. Think a big “thank you for keeping this festival clean” from the lead act or really any sound you can think of. The talking garbage bin definitely motivates your guests to throw their garbage in the bin instead dropping it on the floor. The Swedish "The Deepest Bin" project has already proven how well this type of nudging works.


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  • The concept was developed in cooperation and as part of the "Future of Hospitality" project between TUTAKA and the Institute for Visionary Product and Innovation Development of the Industrial Design Program of the University of Wuppertal.

  • More information about the visionlabs x TUTAKA project can be found here.

  • You are interested in the Fun.Bin and would like to try it out at your event? Get in touch with us!

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So that it does not have to stay with a prototype, Sebastian has developed a design and concept together with TUTAKA, which makes it possible for organizers to make their garbage bins talk. A special lid replaces the old one. The special lid has a compartment in which the luminous and speaking technical unit is inserted.

The Fun.Bin prototype was present at the FUTUR2FESTIVAL.

The prototype will also be presented in the Circular Container at the Reeperbahn Festival 2019.


Fun.Bin came into action here