Bamboo Bikes

"Hosts, hoteliers and event organizers can now offer their guests great bikes with cool designs and best functionalities. On top comes the economic attractiveness of the offering!” Jonas, my Boo co-founder 

Biking, downhilling, cycling - call it as you like. Fact is that almost everyone loves it, that is why its popularity levels have risen steadily in the last years. With bamboo bikes from my Boo guests will not only boost their well-being, but also that of others!  

Send your guests on a bike tour to explore the city or surrounding landscape. Bamboo bikes do not only make your guests mobile, they are also a true eye catcher. The uncomplicated rental model gives you full flexibility and cost clarity. Perfect for hotel bike rentals and events.

Why bamboo bikes are so good 

- Resource gentle: frame made from natural material
- Social: More than 40 permanent jobs at fair wages have already been created in Ghana + each bike directly finances the Yonso Project Model School in Ghana
- Durable: Bamboo is stable like steel, weather resistant, UV resistant, scratch resistant varnish 

Added value for your guests 
- Bamboo is comfortable as carbon 
- Fantastic, unique experience 
- Highest quality and security

Advantages for hosts
- high durability of bamboo (tested to EN-norm for pedelecs)
- fair rental prices, no acquisition costs, low capital commitment
- quickly financed (if rented out every month for 4-6 days) 
- higher rental fees to guests are possible
- full service incl. Service fee and marketing support (if wanted)
- shows social commitment and your dedication to sustainability 
- promotes brand image and positioning

my Boo as marketing and media partners

  • will send you image material and a sample press release
  • social media support via my Boo channels (reach: 15,000 people)
  • A1 posters and A6 flyers with infos about rental and customer benefit
  • checklists and tips for your rental


  • Costs on enquiry 
  • flexible terms:
    8 - 36 months
  • Models: full assortment including e-bikes
  • All-inclusive service package: included


(extra charge):
- individual frame branding
- Advertising sign on bike
- bamboo (characteristics: stable like steel, light as aluminum, comfortable like carbon)
- the best attachment parts the bike market has to offer

Origin of materials:
Ghana, Germany

- Ghana
- Germany, every my boo bamboo bike is assembled by hand at our workshop in Kiel and is checked by our master-mechanics. 

my Volta, one of the rentable models, is an urban e-bike for the city. Equipped with a with an integrated mid-mounted engine, excellent stiffness due to the sisal-epoxide resin bonds and verified by every EN-norms (also for Pedelecs). Keep on roooolling!

Every bamboo bike requires more than 80 hours of affectionate craftsmanship in Ghana. The chosen bamboo canes get attached with glued hemp ropes. These joints are polished and perfected in meticulous handiwork afterwards.

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