Bar soap dispenser


22,2 cm Height; 5,6 cm Width; 9,0 cm Depth

Although dry soap dispensers are nothing new, they are experiencing a renaissance. And quite rightly so. They can be true sustainability champions! As the name suggests, dry soap comes without water. This does not only reduce the use of water, but also that of packaging material. Waste from soap residues is also a thing of the past. The soap bar is used up to the last bit. With the help of the dispenser, the soap is grated into an appropriate portion of powder, which makes a hygienic removal easy. Now, what if we told you that our dispensers are 75% grass fibre and 25% recycled PP and our soaps are certified organic? Our partner is a traditional German-Swiss company based in the “Ruhrpott”.

This is why
  • Climate neutral: the soap dispensers are produced climate neutral
  • Certified: The organic dry soap dispenser uses a pure, organic soap. It is certified, fragrance- and perfume-free, without preservatives, 100% biodegradable. The vegetable soap noodles come from certified sustainable cultivation (ECOCERT, RSPO).
  • Zero Waste: Does not generate any waste from plastic packaging
  • Circular: The possibility of environmentally friendly disposal has already been taken into account in the selection of materials. The product can then go through one or more recycling processes and finally be composted. 
  • Resource gentle: The water consumption is greatly reduced in production and use of dry soap. Plus: The yield of a piece of solid organic soap (40g) corresponds to about 1 liter of liquid soap and is sufficient for 400 hand washing. The materials of the dispensers are from renewable raw materials.
  • Quality: Components of great stability, rigidity and abrasion resistance guarantee a long service life.
Added value
  • highest quality and cosmetic standards for your guests
  • design that communicates sustainability without additional leaflets or stickers
  • cost efficiency due to the soaps high yield in comparison to liquid alternatives
  • highest hygiene standards
  • appealing fragrances, caresses skin
  • show that you care about repealing microplastics and waste reduction

Each dispenser comes with the following initial equipment:
- Free gift box mixed with 10 pieces of Eco-Dry Soap
- two soap pieces of original equipment
- part of the equipment: Front window for checking the level, screws and dowels for wall mounting, key

Ingredients soap
Bio-Neutral and "Zirbe" (Pine) 

Materials grinders
75% grass fiber, 25% recycled PP

Production in
Germany and Switzerland

Order details
deliverable by agreement
shipped Europe-wide 

Words from managing director Constanze

» With the right inventive talent, sustainability does not always have to be more expensive. The dry soap dispenser is not only more environmentally friendly, but also cheaper than conventional systems.«


Bar soap dispenser

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