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30 ml, 360 ml

Hopal Natural Cosmetics: a brand and product created around sustainability. The substances are environmentally friendly and dermatologically tested. The bottles are designed with a sustainability message to communicate with your guests. The solid soap functions as a massaging tool as well. And on top of all the packaging is mostly made of second use plastic and recycled paper. This is what we call a truly ecoistic product for true ecoistic hosts.

This is why
  • Certified: all products of the line are certified with the Nordic Ecolabel 
  • Environmentally friendly: natural softeners such as sunflower oil and shea butter are used to ensure that the detergents do not cause a negative effect on aquatic ecosystems
  • Local production: all products of the cosmetic line are manufactured in Italy
  • Waste prevention: all products are available in sustainable and long lasting dispenser bottles
Added value
  • Elegant, simple and modern design that fits seamlessly into many ambiences
  • The bottles have a little message for your guest: "you are a consumer that contributes to a more sustainable environment; be among the millions of people who daily make more climate friendly choices"
  • the soap shape is designed for massages

Shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, body lotion, soap


Extract of Ingredients
Sunflower oil, shea butter & rosemary extract

Words from our partner

» We invest in innovation to achieve the best quality and for minimizing our impact on the environment through green policies and cutting edge technology.«


Minimalistic Hotel Amenities

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