Organic Towels & Mats


A product designed to please. Soft and fluffy, catering to skin contact. What you don't want in that kind of situation? Toxins. Our organic frottee series excels at healthy self-care procedures. It redefines wellbeing and makes sure your guests get serious (in a wonderful way) on sustainability. 

This is why
  • Resource gentle: 100% organically grown cotton, no polyester
  • Closed loop: organic cotton is 100% biodegradable and made without pesticides, genetic engineering or chemical fertilizers
  • Transparent Supply Chain: Raw material from and manufacturing in India, supporting farmers livelihood not only by purchasing but additional measures in cooperation with a local NGO
  • Extensive textile service network in place. Contact us for leasing models.
Added value
  • highest quality product, great touch and look, feel good guaranteed
  • Towels are in direct contact with your guests bodies. Show your sense of responsibility for the environment and the person you are taking care of

Origins of materials

Production located in

Materials used
100% organic cotton

Order details
Extensive Europe-wide Textile Service Providers Network. Contact us for leasing models.

single yarn
470 g/m² (with cam border) or 550 g/m² (without cam border) 

Wash Cloth
30 x 30 cm

50 x 100 cm

Bath towel
70 x 140 cm | 75 x 150 cm | 100 x 150 cm

Bath mat 
- 50 x 80 cm
- 1 draft around
- twisted terry, 750 g/m² or 800 g/m²

Words from supplier Ralf

» Our sustainable products offer longlife feel-good textiles combined with a commitment to a better future.«


Organic Towels & Mats

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