Upcycled Yoga Mats


Every hejhej-mat a unicum - just like the yogini practicing on it! The yogamat is an intimate space. Stretching and breathing, strengthening and relaxing. Don’t leave the experience to chance. Curate and create its base, the stage, setting, frame. Your guests won’t forget (and maybe buy the mat in your store?).

This is why
  • Closed loop/ Circular Economy: mainly made out of recycled materials (industrial production waste) and recyclable at the end of its life span 
  • Resource gentle: no new materials - except for the superthin membrane on the surface and textile in the middle - used, thus no burden to the environment (1 kg of production waste for one mat)
  • Social: brand supports EarthChildProject with each mat sold 
  • Recycling program after usage in place 

On an important site note: The producer was nominated for the German Federal Award ecodesign 2018

Added value
  • high-quality, easy maintenance (closed cell surface does not absorb moisture - for easy clean wiping and a more hygienic yoga practice)
  • non-slippery, durable
  • every mat is unique in its appearance - like your guest
  • product tells your guests a story about how something discarded can become valuable again
  • wonderful guest amenity, valuable hotel shop item

- Size: ca. 185cm x 65cm x 0,5cm
- Weight: approx. 1,5 kg 
- every mat comes with a trap to hold it together
- 5 mm thick for optimal cushioning 

Origins of materials 

Production located in

Order details
- deliverable within 1-2 weeks
- shipped Europe-wide
- no minimum order

Materials used 
- main part: recycled foam off-cuts (pre consumer, thus highest quality standards) which are occuring naturally in the foaming products industry
- super thin membrane for the surface of the yoga mat (not produced from recycled material because of hygienic reasons) 
- really thin textile which comes in the middle of the foam in order to make the recycled foam extremely tear-proof and long-enduring

Words from designers Anna and Sophie

» We like resources that flow in endless circles and are motivated to make this planet a livable place for future generations.«

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Upcycled Yoga Mats

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