Sustainable Glitter

Sustainability and Glitter? Difficult, but no longer impossible! The love for glitter has driven innovation so that from now on we can have both. Microplastic from conventional glitter products has long been a festival no-go. But looking boring shares the same fate. Let it glow, glitter without litter and leave no trace. Welcome to the glitter revolution! 

This is why
  • Resource-saving: made from natural plant-based film (cellulose), derived from the fibers of eucalyptus trees (one of the most widely available and fastest growing trees on the planet), all raw materials are ethically sourced and manufactured in Germany
  • Biodegradability: takes 1-12 months to decompose 
Added value
  • make your guests sparkle sustainably
  • drive sharing and a sense of community: glitter connects
  • safe to the skin (cosmetic grade by EU and FDA)
  • Help your guests separate microplastics from eco glitter, be a glitter warrior!

72% Cellulose, 11% Glycerin, 6% Aqua, 5% Styrene, 3% Urea, 3% Pigments, 0.1% Aluminium

Origins of materials

Production located in

Loose glitter, glitter gels 
Packaging: test tubes, test tube sets, pots 
Packaging material: glass, PE lids (alternative is currently searched for) 
Colors: Rainbow, Berlin, Ocean, Pink, Purple, Silver

Order details 
- 2-6 depending on order size
- shipped Europe-wide

Words from producer Jeen

» Planet-friendly glitter products for the conscious ravers.«


Sustainable Glitter

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