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Bamboo Straws


20 cm


Think sunsets, light music, delightful conversations. Bamboo Straws are the ultimate bar accessories for refreshing or exotic summer drinks. Vacation-feel, wherever you are. And what if we told you that they are not just about the look, but also rank high regarding sustainability? Bamboo is a fast growing wood, the straws can be reused and are being handcrafted in Bali, empowering the local community and especially women. We love the idea of curating not only ingredients of a drink, but also the accompanying accessories. Bamboo is not for every drink, but they should definitely be part of the mix.

This is why
  • Reduced plastic waste: 1 bamboo straw = dozens of plastic straws less
  • Quality: practical for everyday use, dishwasher safe, extremely solid
  • 100% natural: BPA free, no chemicals used in production process
  • Resource gentle: bamboo is a fast growing natural resource
  • Social: local community empowerment, mostly women are employed by the company

Note: Please check with your local hygiene institution - you know how they can be ;-)

Added value
  • golden like sunrays or fine Caribbean sand: vacay feel wherever you are
  • pure, natural, healthy product
  • commit to the reduction of unnecessary plastic

- Other lengths on request 
- Widths: Assorted widths from 5mm to 11mm

Materials used
locally harvested, wild bamboo

Origins of materials

Production located in

Order details
- laser-engraved: 2-3 weeks depending on size of order
- non-laser engraved: 2-3 days
- depending on your location, shipping delay is between 5 and 21 days
- shipped worldwide
- minimum order: 100 straws

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Words from suppliers Frederic and Diego

» What we love most? When sustainability and delightful guest experiences come together.«

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Bamboo Straws

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Order sample

Bamboo Straws

Sample set "Straws" consists of 1 glass straw, 1 bamboo straw, 3 natural straws.
We charge a fee of € 10,00 (Germany) and € 15,00 (Europe) - incl. VAT and shipping. An invoice is enclosed.

Prices & conditions are sent exclusively to hosts.

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