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Rain ponchos


127 x 120 cm

With rain ponchos made from bioplastics you can turn bad weather into good branding, while keeping your guests dry and happy. An ideal giveaway for outdoor events, festivals and hotels. 

This is why
  • Resource gentle: PLA bioplastic from renewable resources, namely natural starch (Polysaccharide) and sugar alcohol (Glycerin & Sorbitol), water-based ink for printing, delivery by train from Asia to Europe 
  • Biodegradability: (industrially) compostable 

Note on compostable Bio Plastics: 
Bio Plastics are usually made of renewable resources, which is a big step away from fossil-fuel derived plastic materials. However, one issue remains: The poncho is industrially compostable, not suitable for home composting. In Germany, to give an example, there are currently about 660 composting plants (December 2018). But only a few of them can decompose bioplastics (f.e. PLA).  
To what extent the new Packaging Law will lead to further efforts to complement the circular economy in waste issues (recycling and composting) remains to be seen. We hope that new composting plants will process bioplastics satisfactorily in the future. 
Contact us for further information. 
Please enquire your local waste management company about how they deal with PLA. 

Added value
  • 100% waterproof, can easily be worn over clothes
  • keeps your guests dry, protects against wind and moist
  • breathable, comfort of wearing the bio rain poncho is higher compared to the conventional poncho
  • reusable

Material thickness: 0,02 mm
Colour: opaque/ milky natural color

Materials used
- PLA (polylactic acid) from corn starch and sugarcane
- Producer has currently a mix of 88% renewables and 22% fossil based materials in the poncho, working continously on reaching 100% 

Order details
- deliverable within 1-10 weeks
- shipped Europe-wide
- min. order with individualization: 1.000 ponchos
- min. order without individualization: 4 ponchos

Individualization (additional costs) 
- print on poncho
- flyer in packaging

Origins of materials

Production located in 

Words from supplier Joscha

» Sustainability is all about challenging absurdities. Such as plastic waste in oceans or on festival grounds.«

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Rain ponchos

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