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Rentable lanyards

Promotional articles should suit you and communicate the right message. Lanyards are one of the most favoured types of promo merchandising. As little helpers they also do their bit in successfully managing the invitees and guests on events, congresses, fairs and festivals. Although they do not have a classic “single-use” image, their expected useful life as well as their return quota are usually low. In order to reduce the consumption of resources and save your budget without sacrificing your advertising impact, TUTAKA has a sustainable offer for you: rentable, ecological lanyards made of organic cotton. With our rental service, you can inspire your guests with sustainable marketing and environmental service thinking. 

This is why
  • Resource gentle: 100% organically grown cotton, no polyester, no EVA and is produced without pesticides, genetic engineering or chemical fertilizers
  • Circular & Reusable: Borrow instead of buying, after use the lanyards are sent back to TUTAKA
  • Recyclable: Nickel is an infinitely recyclable material, organic cotton is 100% biodegradable
  • Quality: durable materials
  • Transport: with DHL GoGreen
Added value
  • lanyards with a positive handprint
  • natural, clean design
  • robust and durable
  • lanyards with the right message

on the beige lanyards the following is printed: HEJ, I AM MADE FROM ORGANIC COTTON AND I AM RENTED. PLEASE RETURN ME.” 

organic cotton, nickel (carabiner)

Order details
- minimum: 100 lanyards 
- Delivery determined on agreement with customer
- Europe-wide shipping

- Lanyards will be sent to you a few days before your event, if available  
- Print and punch out name tag (recommendation: print your event program on reverse side) 
- return lanyards to TUTAKA after the event
- width: 2 cm 
- strap length: 90-95 cm 

The TUTAKA team about the rentable lanyards

» In search of a truly sustainable solution for lanyards we came up with the idea of offering a rent service. #circulareconomy #noexcuseforsingleuse«


Rentable lanyards

Prices & conditions are sent exclusively to hosts.

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