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Solar Phone Charging Stations

Empty phone batteries are common festival and event phenomena. These solar charging station show that you are being a responsible and innovative host by supplying clean energy to guests in need. In addition, the outer surfaces can be covered with individual brandings. Big plus: phone charging time brings people, their stories and ideas together. Also, solar charging inspires to rethink energy consumption and sources.
By the way, the stations do not only work with mobile phones: every device with a micro-USB, USB-C or Apple Lightning connection can be charged. 

This is why
  • Resource gentle: The PV modules are upcycled, therefore requiring almost no energy to produce
  • Transparent supply chain: The PV modules are re-built in Germany
  • Long-lasting: The charging stations are reusable and the core elements, if looked after, can be used for an estimated 150 years.
  • Local: Locally sourcing and manufacturing is a major attribute of SunCrafter
  • Social: In addition to the festival and event modules, SunCrafter also develops solar systems for people in the most remote regions, who have no or insufficient infrastructures (a.o. Sub Sahara).
Added value
  • the charging stations are completely electrically safe for humans running on 12V (no matter how inappropriately used!)
  • module provides an essential service (charging your phone) that without, many people would feel lost, disorientated and potentially unsafe
  • can be used anywhere - no installation or technician required
  • those who come to use the station usually stay chatting (and flirting)
  • the integrated battery lasts up to 36 hours at full capacity - even in total darkness - and recharges with the least amount of daylight
  • clean power in any weather, 100% waterproof

Materials used
PV modules

Origins of materials

Production located in

How does it work? 
Plug and play. There is only one condition: A shadowless place.

Rental period
From one-day events to long-term rentals lasting several months, anything is possible. 

Words from the SunCrafter team

» Power the world without consuming the earth!«


Solar Phone Charging Stations

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