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Cardboard Trash Bin

With these sustainable cardboard trash bins, you can easily ensure that your event stays clean and waste-free. Our partner’s aim was to develop sustainable waste bins to modernise waste management for festivals. What started as a school project in 2012, has now developed into a company with several different bins for indoor and outdoor events. Made only from recycled cardboard and corn glue, the sustainable bins - that come in different colors for a successful waste separation strategy and that are super easy to build up - create a great waste sorting solution for your event.

This is why
  • Resource gentle: 100% FSC-certified cardboard  
  • Short supply-chain: all materials are sourced from Sweden, production in Denmark 
  • Transportation: up to 250 bins fit on a euro pallet due to the foldability
  • Waste prevention: no need of a (plastic) trash bag plus due to the design, these waste bins are more visible than conventional waste containers, up to 25% less littering
  • Social: bins are glued by socially vulnerable people 
  • Circular approach: only 8% of the materials used in the production of a bucket are wasted, all remaining materials of the production are returned to the production cycle
Added value
  • minimize littering and maximize your guest’s satisfaction and happiness
  • show your guests that you got a sustainable waste management strategy in place
  • save yourself time and resources to clean up

- 1 bucket per 10 guest if you serve some kind of food
- 1 bucket per 20 guest if you do not serve food

Types & Sizes 
- Basis 90 litres, ideal for indoor events
- Outdoor 114 litres, coated with beewax, making the material resistant to liquids

- Sticker for the buckets with a size 250 mm in diameter with logo, text and in all colors
- individual printing from an order of 1000 buckets

Materials used
FSC-certified cardboard, corn glue, petroleum free colours & beeswax

Origins of materials

Production located in 

Order details
- 250 buckets “Basis” per euro pallet
- 100 buckets “Outdoor” per euro pallet
- without individualization: 1-5 working days
- with individualization:  1-4 weeks  
- Europe-wide shipping
- minimum order: 30 buckets

Words from the team

» Litter is a common sight at events and a problem that affects not only the environment but also the well-being of guests.«

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Cardboard Trash Bin

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