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Cardboard Festival Tent


240 x 140 x 135 cm

The emperor under the cardboard boxes, the king of cardboard camping. This cardboard festival tent is the long awaited revolution of festival camping! Why? Because 25,000 cheap plastic tents end up being tossed away every year in the Netherlands alone! 
Our partner KarTent manufactures waterproof cardboard tents that can be offered to guests in cooperation with the festival organizer. The tents can be used for several days and are then being completely recycled (for example into KarBin trash cans). Viva La Cardboardrevolucion!

This is why
  • Resource gentle: Consists exclusively of FSC certified cardboard
  • Recycling: 100% recyclable
  • Reduced plastic waste: smart solution for guests who often purchase cheap plastic tents right before the festival
  • Upcycling to f.e. KarBin trash bins after use 

Note: KarTent won the Red Dot Award in product design in 2017. 

Added value
  • cardboard tent stays fresh and dark in the morning, letting hardly any sun in
  • small window in the back for fresh air
  • 100% waterproof
  • Creative mastermind? Guests can use the KarTent as a personal canvas!
  • exciting sponsoring/ advertising opportunities on the tent surface for companies
  • Setup and dismantling by KarTent team on site

Guests simply order the KarTent together with their ticket. Our partner takes care of the transport and set-up. 

240 x 140 x 135 cm (l x w x h) for max. two persons, also available with air mattress and sleeping bag for two persons

Materials used
FSC cardboard

Origins of materials

Production located in 
The Netherlands, Spain, Africa, Australia, US

Words from the KarTent team

» Viva La Cardboardrevolucion! Our goal is to make sustainability a boon for the guest!«


Cardboard Festival Tent

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