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Sustainable Festival Toilet

»Going to the toilet is no longer taboo subject, but the beginning of a positive nutrient cycle!« No, this is not a TUTAKA #futopia. This is a delightful reality! Our excretions contain about the amount of nutrients that we take in with food. Usually all that goes lost because we flush it away and it ends up in energy wasting sewage plants. But with sustainable festival toilets, we create a cycle in which the nutrients remain, energy as well as water is saved and no harmful substances end up in our environment. Cherry on top: the excretions are taken to a pilot facility of our partner, where they are processed into nutrient-rich humus fertilizer.

This is why
  • Nutrient Cycle: after the event/festival the excretions come to a pilot facility where they are sanitized & processed to organic humus fertilizer
  • Transport: due to the foldability up to 40 toilets fit onto a trailer (in comparison to only 6 regular mobile toilets) which means 84% less fuel consumption for the transportation
  • Resource gentle: in the drain bottle the materials are dehumidified & separated → no waste of water, no loss of nutrients
  • Barrier free: there is a barrier free version of the festival toilet
  • Non-toxic: no medication residues or pathogenic germs end up in our environment
Added value
  • unpleasant smells on festival toilets are a thing of the past with the straw “flush”
  • due to the ecoistic design your guest has more space and on top of that the lavatory area is much more nice to look at
  • toilets come with regular cleaning and maintenance services

regular: 0,97 m wide x 1,28 m deep x 2,60 m high
barrier-free: 1,95 m wide x 1,95 m deep x 2,50 m high

regular: 57 kg
barrier-free: 500 kg

the lorry tarpaulin is processed near Berlin

Origin of the materials
Europe, bamboo from China

Metal: steel, aluminium
Synthetics: lorry tarpaulin
Wood: serigraphy panels
Bamboo: toilet seat
Straw/flax fibre: dry flush material

connection for power supply: Schuko (CEE 7/3)
electrical light: 1 W /cabin
Pump system: 750 W /toilet position (each 30 minutes: 10 minutes runtime)

Words from the mobile eco-toilet crew

» Each visit to our mobile eco toilet is beginning of a productive value circle that enriches resources.«


Sustainable Festival Toilet

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