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Drinking tokens from wood cut offs


Ø 22 mm, Ø 33 mm

TUTAKA loves inventive minds: For over 35 years, our partner has been working on engraving. Due to their location, many architecture students from Cologne produce architectural models here. At some point, the team came up with the idea of processing the wood left-overs, which would otherwise be thrown away, into deposit tokens. Guests love the beautiful natural coins, so they are often taken home to memorize the festival or event.

This is why
  • Upcycling: from "waste" to value
  • Resource gentle: no new materials are used
  • Eco-friendly production: The individual forms are placed so close together that as little material as possible is left over.
  • Tokens are sent to the host without filling materials.
Added value
  • engraving gives tokens a beautiful look
  • haptic of the wood is different and significantly improved in comparison to other tokens, e.g. made of plastic
  • extended branding effect as many tokens are taken home

Materials used
mostly Finnish wood board, sometimes alder, oak or maple (depending on what remnants are available)

Origins of materials
mostly unknown

Production located in

Wood tokens are not as durable as plastic coins, especially when in contact with water, the wood gradually becomes brittle.

Order details 
- 2-3 weeks for quantities <25,000,> 25,000 after consultation
- shipped Europe-wide
- no minimum order

Words from producer Thomas

» With our sustainable drink tokens we are pledging the fight against plastic tokens.«


Drinking tokens from wood cut offs

Prices & conditions are sent exclusively to hosts.

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