Table from sustainable forestry

Everything is just right about young Austrian design label "One For Hundred": Their furniture can be customized to desired sizes, types of wood and finishes. The processed wood comes from a forest the designers own and maintain themselves. And lastly: For each sold piece of furniture one hundred trees are being planted. Heartly invite your guests to take a seat!

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This is why
  • Transparent Supply Chain: The entire process from tree felling to finish and delivery is carefully managed and supervised by the designers
  • Resource gentle: Attention is paid to low transport distances and efficient packaging of the products. The non-toxic wood oils are 90% renewable and solvent-free.
  • Craftsmanship: handmade by a team of skilled and dedicated craftsmen
  • Certified: The forest is PEFC certified and home to a mix of deciduous and coniferous trees. 
  • For each piece of furniture sold, one hundred trees are planted (naturally mixed forest)
Added value
  • practical, valuable piece of furniture with timeless design
  • functional, can be flexibly adjusted in size
  • dirt and water repellent because of use of high quality wood oils
  • shows conscious procurement in an industry (furniture), where sustainability is often neglected

- has a high-quality, easy-to-use synchronous extension
- with a handle, the table top moves apart and makes room for the extension leaves

solid wood (white oak, red oak, walnut, maple, ash, larch, cherry, ..) 

Origins of materials

Production located in
Austria, Czech Republic

own One For Hundred color palette, based on the RAL and NCS system

165/265 x 93 x H76 cm, 185/285 x 93 x H76 cm, 225/325 x 95 x 76 cm, customized size

Order details 
- deliverable within 4-6 weeks 
- shipped worldwide

Words from designer Anna

» We cultivate sustainable forestry to bequeath our children a blooming natural habitat and a functioning, sustainable commercial forest.«

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Table from sustainable forestry

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