100% NATURAL, Organic

FÜLLETT Edible Tableware

We searched for it and we found it. Eatable tableware! The only single-use product we really support. A better choice than (bio-)disposables, beating floppy waffle tartlets. Patented, as tasteful as German bread, baked in Germany, perfect for caterer, hosts, gastronomers!

This is why
  • organic flour and rapeseed oil, bio and vegan without additives
  • Waste prevention: edible tableware is usually consumed by guests, drastically minimizing waste volume (and thus waste disposal costs) 
  • Compostable: 100% bakery product 
Added value
  • healthy, no additives, no coating 
  • delicious, crispy, low calorie bowls
  • surprises, innovative and considerate way of serving food 

MINI 20 ml (for fingerfood), MIDI 50 ml (for handheld snacks), MIDI 100 ml (for handheld snacks), MAXI 250 ml (for soups, bowls, salads, casseroles)

Available packages
- MINI Set Package: 4 x 10 pieces (every size) 
- 20 ml package: 400 pieces
- 50 ml package: 360 pieces
- 100ml package: 240 pieces
- 250 ml package: 180 pieces
- Mix package with 260 pieces: 20 ml x 50 pcs., 50 ml x 60 pcs., 100ml x 60 pcs., 250 ml x 90 pcs. 

wheat/rye flour mixture, rapeseed oil, water, salt

Origins of materials
- Germany (flour) 
- EU (oil)

Production located in

Order details
- deliverable within 1-2 weeks
- shipped Europe-wide
- minimum order: 1 package

Words from inventor Marion

» We come from the catering business ourselves, so we developed the Füllett based on our needs. The aim was to bake a flexible bowl that needs no packaging.«


FÜLLETT Edible Tableware

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