Edible Spoons

Edible, sustainable, plastic-free and delicious. These edible soup and ice cream spoons are true ecoistic silver bullets. Also, the deliciously baked spoons come in 6 funky flavors, adding a special crunch to meals and sweet desserts. Tasty, sweet or savoury, double for less, perfect for caterers, gastronomers, ice cream shops, food trucks. Further plus: The spoons do not give off taste while in use and remain solid for up to 30 minutes in hot liquids.

This is why
  • 100% natural ingredients: no preservatives or artificial flavors
  • Waste prevention: edible cutlery is usually consumed by guests, drastically minimizing waste volume (and thus waste disposal costs)
  • Resource gentle: ingredients with low water needs are being used
  • Increased health: healthier while being used (and more digestible) than plastic
  • Zero waste, and if not completely eaten: 100% compostable
  • Social sustainability: fair payment of all workers and suppliers, 24 full-time workers in India
Added value
  • cutlery and snack in one, adding to the culinary experience
  • surprises, innovative and considerate way of serving food
  • smooth surfaces and long liquid-resistance
  • shows your guest that you truly care about plastic reduction
  • vegan & lactose-free, FSSAI certified (standards for food safety, label from the Indian government)

Tablespoon or Dessert spoon/ ice cream spoon size

Cocoa delight (choco-sweet), Carom touch (anis), Masala Magic (aurry), Classic (neutral), Black Pepper, Mild Mint 

Tablespoons are available in all flavours, Dessert spoons as Classic and Choco delight


Different kinds of flour: wheat, oat, millet, rice, barley and chickpea; water, salt and natural flavors 

Origins of materials
Local farmers close to Vadodara, India

Production located in
Vadodara, India (the spoons get to Europe by ship)

Order details
deliverable within 1  week
- shipped Europe wide
- minimum order:  1000 spoons

Words from the edible spoon team

» Every year 2.3 billion pieces of disposable cutlery are used and thrown away in Germany alone. We want to change this in a sustainable and innovative way. How? Edible cutlery.«


Edible Spoons

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