Reusable lids


84 mm x 40 mm


The reusable lid from German design brand udo® fits a variety of cups and is ideal for cafes, bars and restaurants as well as caterers wishing to make a statement against plastic waste. There is heaps of work to do: According to calculations by the German Environmental Aid, about 2.8 billion disposable coffee cups are consumed every year across Germany, which makes about 320,000 cups per hour.
With udo® your guests can bring their own cup and  transform it into a reusable cup. For this, the lid and cup are simply pressed together. Usually, hosts re-sell the cup or give it away as powerful present. 

This is why
  • Resource gentle: climate-neutral production in Germany, material can be recycled completely  
  • High quality: practical for everyday use, dishwasher safe, BPA free 
  • replaces a disposable product with something reusable 
  • transport with DHL Green
Added value
  • your guests drink stays warm for a long time
  • smooth, even, rounded rim for a soft touch
  • fits any cup with an inside diameter between 70 and 82 millimeters, whether ceramic, glass or metal
  • shows commitment in the global battle to reduce plastic waste

Weight: ca. 68g
Colors: orange, turquoise, pink, blue, black, beige brown, red

Materials used

Origins of materials
Kocaeli, Turkey (TPE Granulat)

Production located in

laser finishing

Order details 
delivery time within Germany is approx. 2-4 working days and outside Germany (Europe + Switzerland) approx. 5-7 working days up to a quantity of 50 lids 

delivery time within Germany is up to 14 days and in all other countries up to 21 days from a quantity of 100 lids

Delivery time in own color or branding vary and must be requested.

Words from designer Carina

» Our goal is to design sustainable products that do not harm the environment and meet all customer needs.«

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Reusable lids

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