Straws from straw


15 cm, 23 cm

Keep stirring, Baby. 100% guilt-free, 100% plastic-free, 100% natural. Perfect for weddings, restaurants, events and bars!

This is why
  • Less plastic waste: 1 straw = 1 plastic straw less
  • Resource-gentle: Straw is an agricultural by-product, which is usually being ditched after removing the wheat. It is easily compostable.
  • 100% organic: straw taken from organic agriculture only
  • Quality: to guarantee hygienic safety and food suitability, the straws are being disinfected by a patented technology using natural water steam only
  • cutting of straws is done regionally and by hand
Added value
  • every straw is engraved with "The Original Straw" or own engraving
  • pure, natural product
  • cool and iconic
  • tasteless, waterproof, heat resistant
  • join the global battle against extravagant plastic use

3-4 mm

Order details
- lead time depends on ordered quantity
- shipped Europe-wide
- minimum order: 500 straws

local organic straw

Origins of materials

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Words from The Original Straw crew

» You are holding a pure, natural product in your hands. Cheers to that!«


Straws from straw

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Order sample

Straws from straw

Sample set "Straws" consists of 1 glass straw, 1 bamboo straw, 3 natural straws.
We charge a fee of € 10,00 (Germany) and € 15,00 (Europe) - incl. VAT and shipping. An invoice is enclosed.

Prices & conditions are sent exclusively to hosts.

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