Refillable, GMO free, timeless design

Sustainable Candles

This is the product, we all have been waiting for. The people behind these gorgeous refillable candles are friends, with a shared objective to offer meaningful products that are anything else but ordinary plus sustainable. Their refillable candles fit perfectly into the corresponding candle holders. Simply clean out the holder and replace it with the refill. The candles come in five scents, based on an idea in which fragrance should become an additional sensory dimension to a room. So, go ahead: Create a natural atmosphere for your guests with this (almost) zero waste product that is made to stay, refillable, reusable and with a timeless design.

This is why
  • Resource gentle: GMO free soy, sunflower wax with cotton wick, no paraffin, palm oil free
  • Fairtrade: company keeps close contact with each of the suppliers and monitors their supply chain 
  • Craftsmanship: beautiful glassblowed design from Portugal
  • Circular approach: the candle holder can be reused and refilled endlessly with new candles
  • Waste prevention: Plastic free packaging, no aluminium around candles
  • Emissions-gentle: European supply chains and the refillability saves plenty of carbon emissions
Added value
  • the refill candle fits perfectly into the candle holder, simply clean the holder out and replace it with the refill
  • in times of modern technology and screens everywhere, experiencing natural light becomes meaningful again
  • candle holder is created with the highest standard of glassblowing craftsmanship
  • address another sense in your guest with these truly unforgettable and outstanding fragrances
  • safety first: the candle holder consists of a solid flint glass
  • the candle holder includes a double wall heat resistant borosilicate glass

Desert Rain
Blue Room

Ø 92 mm x H 77 mm

Fill weight 
100 g, 3.5 oz.

Order details
Shipped using DHL GoGreen

Materials used
Glas, sunflower, soy wax (GMO free), organic cotton

Origins of materials
mouth-blown glass from Portugal, cotton wick and wax from France, and fragrances produced in Germany

Production located in
France (candles), Portugal (glass), Germany (scents) 

Burning time
approximately 40 hours

The candle maker about his product

» We are doing our best to get as close to a “cradle-to-cradle” strategy.«


Sustainable Candles

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