Upcycled Glasses


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Imagine this: Your guests enter your restaurant, order a bottle of wine and a glass of water. Fresh water in a beautiful jar is served, with it come two uniquely designed, upcycled glasses made out of discarded wine bottles. Handmade with care and love in Berlin. A truly unique product for hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants.

This is why
  • Upcycled: giving value to "waste"
  • Resource gentle: no new materials
  • Short value chain: most of the bottles are collected within Berlin,
  • glasses are handmade, practicing traditional craftsmanship
  • High quality: practical for everyday use, dishwasher safe
Added value
  • comfortable grip, smooth, even, rounded rim and two small indentations are manufactured on both sides of the glass to give it its unique feel and appearance
  • each glass is as unique as the bottle it is cut from - like your guest
  • product tells a story about how something discarded can become valuable again

Materials used
locally sourced wine bottles

Origins of materials
mostly Berlin

Production located in

color, thickness, and shape differ from glass to glass

Order details 
- deliverable within 3-5 weeks
- shipped Europe-wide
- no minimum order

Words from designer Jesper

» Only if we manage to combine sustainability and good design we will be able to create change.«


Upcycled Glasses

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