Upcycled Jugs


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These upcycled jugs are handmade out of discarded wine bottles with care and love in Berlin. The experience of drinking fresh water or wine will become a special one with such a strong storyteller as product. A chance for gastronomers, hoteliers and conscious hosts to stand out!

This is why
  • Upcycled: giving value to "waste"
  • Resource gentle: no new materials
  • Short value chain: most of the bottles are collected within Berlin,
  • jugs are handmade, practicing traditional craftsmanship
  • High quality: practical for everyday use, dishwasher safe
Added value
  • comfortable grip
  • the jug is fire polished to create a smooth, even, rounded rim
  • an indentation is made on both sides of the jug
  • the spout is drawn out from the top of the bottle, to give the jug its unique feel and appearance.
  • product tells a story about how something discarded can become valuable again
  • each jug is as unique as the bottle it is cut from - like your guest

Materials used
locally sourced wine bottles

Origins of materials
mostly Berlin

Production located in

color, thickness, and shape differ from jug to jug 

Order details 
- deliverable within 3-5 weeks
- shipped Europe-wide
- no minimum order

Words from designer Jesper

» Only if we manage to combine sustainability and good design we will be able to create change.«


Upcycled Jugs

Prices & conditions are sent exclusively to hosts.

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