Plastic-free, natural materials

Zero Waste Brewer

Our partners mission is to brew coffee with a soul and according to the slow living principles. They want to celebrate and simplify the art of brewing a hot drink.  The brewer enables your guests to hand-brew proper coffee without paper filters and plastic packaging. Next to this, the coffee is brewed without "pressure" in contrast to French Press or Espresso. Your guest determines the grinding degree, the amount of coffee and the water temperature, all according to his or her own taste.
 On top, it is easy to clean for your housekeeping staff. Yes, you probably just found one of the most eco-friendly ways to brew coffee and might even save you money (in comparison to our arch-enemy: coffee capsules)!  

This is why
  • Resource gentle: plastic- and toxin-free, only natural materials
  • Longevity material: a glass jug, porcelain lid and a double-sieve stainless steel filter
  • Fairtrade/ Respectful and friendly work environment: products are made in a cooperative relationship environment in China, where suppliers and designers know each other for a long time. The workshop is managed by the 3rd generation and they are also highly specialized in the kind of glas needed. China is the homeland of porcelain. 
  • Craftsmanship: Highly specialized glassblowers manufacture the glass jugs piece by piece by hand.
  • Waste prevention: the brewer comes with a reusable stainless steel filter, can be used with all kinds of loose coffee carton
  • Safety: products are food safe according to EC1935/2004
Added value
  • using the brewer, your guests are assured of the true taste of ground coffee
  • simple hand-filter systems, which are easy to clean
  • it can be varied with all grinds (e.g. cold brew, espresso etc.)

Transparent brewer available with three handle colours (green, clear, amber) 

- 0,8 litres for approx. 4-6 cups of coffee
- 0,5 litres for approx. 2-4 cups of coffee

diameter filter 8.5 cm, height 16.5 cm; length (with handle) 17.5 cm

Materials used
hand blown glass, porcelain lid with patented silicone ring, stainless steel filter

Origins of materials
Taiwan and China

Production located in
the filter is produced in China using modern and reliable technology to ensure the best quality

Order details 
brewer is shipped by sea from China to Germany
shipped using DHL GoGreen

Important message from the producer

» The patented filter system allows an excellent coffee to be brewed and served directly in the easiest way imaginable.«


Zero Waste Brewer

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