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Energy Consultancy

Time to talk about energy! The challenges that hosts face with regard to their energy management are manifold. Professional energy consulting identifies optimization potentials, ensures more sustainability and saves real money. Our partner BlueContec is specialized in the hotel and restaurant industry and can look back on experience from 400 consultations. 

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This is why
  • Tourism as a source of inspiration: Sound energy management inspires guests and employees
  • Relevance: Climate change requires the economy to decarbonize. Energy efficiency and the selection of energy sources are important steps towards climate neutrality. 
Added value
  • Energy cost reduction and improved sustainability balance
  • Adjusted to customer needs through usage of the newest technologies
  • Profound knowledge transfer through long-term experience
  • Increased employee loyalty
  • Promotion of 80 % by the Federal Government (BAFA) for small & medium-sized enterprises
  • Average savings potential for 300 energy consultants is 30% - 15% are already achieved and amortized in the first year

Take the test! Here you can access the 10-point self-check, which is based on the measures recommended by BlueContec for energy consulting. Rate each measure with 1-10, where 1 means that you have not yet addressed this topic and 10 means that you are already perfectly implementing this measure in your company. 

Additionally you will find a toolbox which encourages you to share your own energy management with prepared social media templates and to talk about energy sources and energy guzzlers.

This way 

Words from Co-Founder Andreas of BlueContec

» It is our mission to support and inspire hotels, tour operators and tourism regions to recognize and live sustainability as a success factor for their business and their region.«

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Energy Consultancy

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