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Good Cotton good(ie)bag


15x20cm, 30x40cm, 40x60cm


They  protect, they store and care, they provide shelter. Drawstring Bags cater for all sorts of scenarios: for gifts, bathroom amenities, laundry, shoes and possibly anything looking for a safe place to be. But here is the thing: Our bags will not only do good for your favorite items, they will also do good for the environment and everyone involved in their production. We work closely with a farmers cooperative in India that ensures fair wages, fair working conditions and supports the overall development of communities. 

This is why
  • Resource gentle: 100% organically grown and rain-fed cotton
  • Closed loop: organic cotton is 100% biodegradable and made without pesticides, genetic engineering or chemical fertilizers
  • Transparent Value Chain: We work closely with a farmers cooperative in India 
  • Social: each bag contributes to better livelihoods of the cotton farmers we work with
Added value
  • make a statement against exploitation and for more responsibility in supply chains
  • strong brand cooperation with good(ie)bag
  • offer a meaningful and long-lasting companion/present/gift
  • stay in your guests minds and hearts beyond their stay with you

Origins of materials

Production located in

Materials used
100% organic cotton

Order details
- deliverable in 4-8 weeks
- shipped Europe-wide

Individualization (additional costs)
possible, please get in touch with us

Words from the good(ie)bag crew

» good(ie)bag. Nothing more to add.«


Good Cotton good(ie)bag

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