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Sustainable Cardboard Dummy


10cm x 60cm x 124cm

Since the reopening of hotels, cinemas, restaurants and bars, the golden question is: how to maintain the minimum distance between visiting guests. Shared tables, benches, bar counters or sofas are difficult to divide in multiple spaces. Instead of taping big “X”s on the seats or hanging “Caution” signs all over the place, think ecoistically and improve your guest experience. Our dummies allow you to easily allocate safe spaces. Besides, wouldn’t it be great to have an Albert Einstein or Frida Kahlo sitting in your hotel lobby? The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. Our dummies are your canvas.

This is why
  • Protection & Safety: ensure the 1.5m distance between your guests in a restaurant, hotel lobby or bar
  • Resource gentle: the dummies are cut out of recycled cardboard and can be reused afterwords to create new products
  • Plastic free: no need of laminated info signs or duct tape, they don’t look nice anyway
Added value
  • create a relaxed atmosphere with this funny eye-catcher
  • you can save yourself the constant distance-reminder to your guests
  • individualize your dummies and name them after famous actresses, actors, artists or politicians

FSC certified cardboard from Scandinavia


Order details 
- Delivery time: 7 days
- Europe wide

Words from the Dummy team

» Viva la cardboardrevoluçion! Also in Covid-times we work on innovative product solutions.«


Sustainable Cardboard Dummy

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