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Digital Contact Registration

The General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union makes life hard for restaurants, hotels and the hospitality industry in general. Now, in times of Covid 19, most federal states require to registrate guest contact data. Instead of paper lists, how about a digital service which is easy to use for your guests and hosts alike, has a secure data storage and prevents infection sources? Here you go!

This is why
  • Data Security: Data storage compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU
  • Certified: the service is certified with “Pro DSGVO”
  • User-centric: Guests can easily check-in and -out 
  • Hygiene: you prevent sources of infection such as pencils or menues 
  • Waste prevention: put an end to paper waste and bureaucracy mess
  • Smart technology: after the regulated time period the data is automatically deleted
Added value
  • the data is not saved in your restaurant or bar but in the partner’s servers
  • due to the QR-Code the utilization is very simple
  • after the registration the customer can be transferred to the digital menu
  • your guest can register her/his person of company along with her/him

in Germany or the EU

most of the smartphones have an integrated QR-Code-Scanner in their camera. Otherwise an app is necessary.

Words from the team

» Our digital guest experience is simple, time saving and safe.«


Digital Contact Registration

Prices & conditions are sent exclusively to hosts.

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