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Disinfectant Dispenser


250 ml

Amongst the multiple challenges the hospitality culture is currently facing, hygiene and quality standards are doubtlessly the most important ones. They require a drive for innovation and smart solutions, so sustainability is not left on the side of the road. Right in time are our sustainable disinfectant dispensers, which are made of bioplastics based on corn starch. The dispensers are made in Germany, refillable and long lasting. They can be applied either standing or mounted on a wall. Dear Ecosists, this is the way to go.

This is why
  • Climate neutral: the disinfectant dispensers are produced climate neutral
  • Environmentally friendly: The dispenser is made of corn-based PLA and is industrially compostable (see note on bioplastic further down)
  • Local production: the PLA and the dispenser are produced in Germany
  • Waste prevention: the dispensers are refillable and long lasting
  • Safety: Give your employees as well as your guest a sense of safety thanks to the possibility of hand sanitizing
  • Simple design: the dispensers are easy to install, suitable for restaurant kitchens, hotel rooms and more
Added value
  • freestanding or wall-mounted, the dispensers are versatile
  • due to the handy size and the simple design the dispensers are not a disturbing factor, but a useful safety gadget
  • perhaps you find a local distillery that is producing disinfectant these days, the ideal fit for our dispensers!

Starch-based bioplastics (PLA) 

Origin of the materials
PLA from Germany


Important note to bioplastics
Bioplastics are produced from organic material such as corn, sugar cane or cellulose. In contrast to plastics made from mineral oil, these are biodegradable. However, that does not mean that you can compost them at home. Special composting plants need to process the material and this is still very complicated because bioplastics need more time to decompose than regular compost. We hope that it will become easier for composting plants to sort the bioplastics and compost them accordingly. Please ask your local waste management company how they handle PLA.

Our partner about sustainability

» First and foremost is the sustainable use of human resources in harmony with the environment and nature.«


Disinfectant Dispenser

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