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Sustainable Divider


145cm x 70 cm


Returning to some kind of work routine these days requires a whole new kind of infrastructure. Hosts have to ensure safety distance and hygiene standards whilst offering a pleasant guest experience. Our divider made from cardboard provides enough space between guests and employees in the most sustainable way. Whether you use them in your hotel, restaurant or office, thanks to its windows the dividers separate without isolating or segregating. On top, our partner uses the cardboard of old dividers to fabricate new products and thus creates holistic product life cycles.

This is why
  • Resource gentle: the dividers are made out of FSC certified cardboard and a recyclable transparent sheet out of cellulose
  • Upcycling: old dividers are upcycled to new cardboard products such as lamps, tables, bed frames, trash bins, etc.
Added value
  • you can use paint to personalize the dividers in your own creative way - or let your youngest guests creatively design them
  • the faceshield is light, comfortable to wear and doesn’t steam up the windows providea lighter and more friendly atmosphere in your hotel, office, restaurant or bar
  • no need to remodel your whole setting because it is suitable for a 1.5m society


1,25 kg

FSC certified cardboard & recyclable transparent window foil, made out of cellulose

Origin of the materials

Order details 
- delivery time: 1 - 2 days
- due to the circumstances, delays are possible
- minimum order: 5 dividers


Words from the team

» Viva la cardboardrevoluçion! Also in Covid-times we work on innovative product solutions.«


Sustainable Divider

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