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Sustainable Faceshield


26cm x 26cm

We feel you. Disinfection, social distancing, protective gear everywhere. Daily routine seems a bit tense these days. Interacting with other people whilst protecting yourself is challenging. However, we can give protection a sustainable touch. Our partner designed a stylish faceshield out of wood residuals and PET. The shield can be renewed when necessary without tossing the whole device. The motto is: Be safe and keep the environment safe.

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This is why
  • Holistic design and manufacturing concept: the frame is made of wood residuals and adapts to every head shape, the shield is made of PET and can be sterilized
  • Local: The faceshields are being produced near Nuremberg in Germany
  • Giving back: You have the option to donate additional faceshields, the producer gives them to the “Tafel”

GERMANY: the faceshield can replace masks in Hamburg & Hessen, every other province requires masks. The shield could however be an extra protection.

OUTSIDE GERMANY: Please check with your local authorities whether you can replace masks with a faceshield.

Added value
  • ideal for people with glasses and there is still space for a protective mask
  • the faceshield is light, comfortable to wear and doesn’t steam up
  • elegant solution for all people in the hospitality industry (please check with your authorities first)

the shield can be cleaned with ethanol or disinfectant wiped, please do not use Aceton

55 g

- frame: bamboo, oak, padouk or walnut (random distribution) from production waste
- plastic sheet: PET
- rivets & rubber: plastic

Order details 
- option to order already built-up face shields or single components (saves space)
- Delivery time: 2 - 5 days
- Europe-wide delivery

Nuremberg, Germany

Words from the team

» We want to provide chic, durable and sustainably produced products that are made to be seen.«


Sustainable Faceshield

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