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Sustainable Cleaning Concept 

Hygiene and cleaning is the be-all and end-all in hospitality and at the same time a huge challenge for hosts. Our partner has evolutionized resource and cost-intensive cleaning. The result is an eco-friendly all-rounder that can not only be used on all kinds of surfaces and facilities, but also saves time and resources. 97% less water consumption, no water pollution and completely without chemicals and cleaning agents. How it works? With micro-steam and a lot of innovative spirit. Convince yourself and watch the video.

This is why
  • Resource gentle: common cleaning uses up to 50 - 60 litres of water, the green cleaning device only 1.5 litres. Yes, that saves 97% water!
  • Resource savings: up to 50% time savings in the cleaning process and 100% cost savings on cleaning agents
  • Waste prevention: no need for cleaning supplies, therefore no packaging material or empty cleaning bottles
  • Quality: faster and easier cleaning process without residues and resistances
  • Longevity: with this gentle cleaning process, you have longer lasting furniture and interior
  • User-friendly & health beneficial: the ergonomic cart makes cleaning easy and less physically demanding and your employees no longer have contact with chemical and harmful cleaning agents
Added value
  • The heat of the dry micro steam also disinfects surfaces
  • Cleans residue-free: No residues (surfactants, proteins), which are a breeding ground for germs
  • A natural refinement technology (silicon-based) protects the surfaces from dirt penetration
  • Ecoistic allrounder: upholstered furniture, leather, carpets, tiled floors, joints, wood, walls, cold storages, steel surfaces, machines, windows - you can clean  just anything!
  • The basic cleaning is no longer necessary, since each cleaning reduces re-soiling

- The dry micro-steam is generated at over 9 bar pressure and at a temperature of between 180°C and over 190°C
- very short heating time (3.5 min.)

230V – 50/60 Hz

ca. 9,5 kg

Materials used 
Just Water. That’s it. 

- Automatic refill system for permanent work (two-chamber system)
- Patented stainless steel steam boiler tested to 70 bar pressure, no sealing rings required
- Patented, self-descaling heating element made of stainless steel (4 times the power), durable, energy-saving
- Patented "True Temp Technology" with self-descaling, electromechanical probe for continuous high steam temperature

Alexander Schwabl - Owner Alpin Jewel ****S Saalbach-Hinterglemm

» Since we clean exclusively with the dry steam, we have no more residues of chemicals. In addition, we have much less sick leave because employees no longer come into contact with chemicals«

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Sustainable Cleaning Concept 

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