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Sustainable Serviceboard


1200x200x40 mm, 800x186x40 mm

Hotelier Emanuel Moosbrugger has sensed that these times need not only reaction, but above all innovation. Together with the austrian design studio MARCH GUT, he has created a new serving tool that makes excellent service possible whilst maintaining distance. But ALMA is even more than that: it changes the gastronomic culture by placing dishes in the middle of the table first. This promotes a sense of community and makes service highly efficient.

This is why
  • Safety: the service board ensures a safe distance between your guests and staff. This way you avoid potential sources of infection.
  • Local production: The Serviceboards are handcrafted in the wood workshop Markus Faißt in Austria.
  • Short supply chain: Austrian maple wood is used for the production
Added value
  • protect your employees and guests by letting them keep their distance
  • develop a trust base and show your employees and guests that you care about their safety
  • offer a unique guest experience and promote a sense of community through this innovative way of presenting food
  • relieve your employees by reducing the workload per table

Maplewood from Austria


Order details 
Delivery time: approximately 2 weeks

Words from Emanuel Moosbrugger

» It is our concern to approach current challenges in our industry with innovative solutions.«


Sustainable Serviceboard

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