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Palm Leaf Slipper


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Slippers can be real eye-catchers! The only materials used in these models are palm leaves and cotton. The former material has a very special story behind: the leaves are an agricultural byproduct which is often burned and disposed. The avoidance of CO2-intensive combustion combined with the possibility of giving the material a second purpose make these slippers true sustainability heroes.

This is why
  • "Bye Bye single-use, hazardous plastic hotel slippers" - no polyester, no EVA, almost CO2 neutral (1 kg polyester corresponds to 1.5 kg petroleum. 8 pairs of conventional hotel slippers = 1.5 kg petroleum)
  • Gentle on the material: no new materials are extracted from nature for the production of the slippers. The material palm leaf is "borrowed" for use and then returned to the natural cycle.
  • Resource-gentle production: The leaves are dried under the sun and the water used for washing the leaves is reused.
  • Reusable: In most hotels there are plastic single-use hotel slippers, this shoe can be taken along and also delights at home.
  • Nature-based: Since they are free of additives, the slippers can be composted within 3 months.
  • Fair production: Production takes place in decentralised production clusters in the rural region of Erode in Tamil Nadu, India. Women only are employed who can gain some independence from their families or contribute to the family income. The pay is above average and the working conditions are fair and secure.
  • Delivery without individual packaging. Due to the low weight of the product, very CO2 poor (the transport from India to Hamburg causes as much CO2 as a truck trip through Germany).
Added value
  • Setting a sign against climate change: palm leaves bind CO2, which is released during disposal. This makes the material CO2-neutral (the slippers as such are not completely CO2-neutral due to transport and the cotton, nevertheless they have an impressively good CO2 balance).
  • The sole is non-slippery on most surfaces.
  • By replacing conventional slippers with this sustainable one, you contribute to plastic reduction.
  • A valuable gift to be taken home and being remembered.

slippers can be personalized with your logo, your colors or your prints; embroidery is possible on demand

Materials used
Palm leaf, organic cotton 

Origins of materials

Production located in
Erode in Tamil Nadu, Indien

- two models available: "beach slipper" and slipper
- slippers cannot be washed
- disposal in compost bin that is treated industrially. When incinerated still CO2 neutral, because the CO2 has been bound by the leef in advance.

Order details
- stock deliverable within 2-3 days, if not in stock 3 months
- shipped worldwide
- minimum order: 50 slippers

Founder Claudio about his slippers

» We can not change society, but the products that it uses.«


Palm Leaf Slipper

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