Aprons “Big One”


90 cm wide, 96 cm long


These denim-styled KAYA & KATO aprons combine coolness and timelessness. But make no mistake. There is more to them than beauty. They were produced under fair conditions and made of 100% organic cotton. They are easy-to-maintain and breathable. Get your team on board for sustainability, make them ambassadors for your mission and set a statement against exploitation and for fair trade and organic agricultural practice. 

This is why
  • Resource gentle: 100% organically grown cotton, 100% biodegradable and made without pesticides, genetic engineering or chemical fertilizers
  • Transparent Supply Chain: made from organic cotton from partner projects in Kyrgyzstan and Uganda, processed in weaving mills in Germany and the Czech Republic, sewn in medium-sized companies in Germany and the Czech Republic, refinement in Germany
  • Trustable label in place: Cotonea Biosiegel (aligns with GOTS and IVN-Best)

On an important site note: KAYA & KATO was nominated for the German Federal Award ecodesign 2018 and received in the same year the Rolling Pin Newcomer & Innovation Award.

Added value
  • cool but timeless
  • healthy (toxin-free), breathable
  • durable, easy-to-clean and crease-resistant
  • 12 months guarantee

Materials used
100% organic cotton

Origins of materials
Uganda, Kyrgyzstan 

Production located in
Czech Republic, Germany

Order details
- deliverable within 4-5 weeks
- shipped Europe-wide
- no minimum order

- two models available
- a bag on the left with an oblique pencil pocket and holder for hand or polishing cloth on the right side.
- model 1: with backbond
- model 2: with normal neck / neck binding. The binding tape is made of apron fabric.
- 60° washable

Print, Embroidery 

Co-Worker Hannah about the product

» Fairness and quality - in every single step.«


Aprons “Big One”

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