fuchs & hirsch and TUTAKA present

The Circular Container

The Reeperbahn Festival is one of the largest club festivals in Germany and one of the internationally outstanding leading events of the European music industry. It is a stage for international talent and at the same time marketplace and discussion space for current developments in the global music and digital economy.

In 2019, the Reeperbahn Festival and the team around Jacob Bilabel would like to exploit this potential! As a catalyst for social change, the "Future Playgrounds" has been developed. The designated festival village shows simple, intelligent, sustainable and above all creative solutions from all over the world, which aim to reduce social inequalities and improve living standards. The festival of music becomes a festival of ideas! fuchs & hirsch and TUTAKA jointly developed the Circular Container for the Playground.

Part of the container: Fun.Bin, the talking garbage can. A project of industrial designer Sebastian Härder, that was developed as part of the Future of Hospitality project.

Festivals are always a challenge and there are numerous hurdles to overcome on the way to a successful event. Fuchs & Hirsch finds suitable suppliers for special needs, tinkers with optimal personnel plans, knows the best management and marketing tools and always has emergency plans in hand for tricky situations.

Constant exchange with festival organisers, numerous conversations with consultants and countless, invaluable experiences of our own as organisers form the basis of our commitment. The Berlin agency now works with over 70 festivals to make good festivals even better!

Sustainable innovations, ideas & products

The Circular Container

fuchs & hirsch, a festival consultancy in Berlin, and TUTAKA, a platform for sustainable hospitality welcome hosts and guests alike in their Circular Container on the FUTURE PLAYGROUNDS. For four days, visitors can experience sustainable innovations, products and creative solutions for the event and festival sector.The almost certainly most ecoistic container at the Reeperbahn Festival aims at giving visibility to the multiple added values and potentials of sustainability. 

Visitors will be guided through a circular "customer journey", i.e. the experience before, during and after a festival. Here, circularity as well as plastic reduction, zero waste, resource gentleness, transparent supply chains and waste prevention stand in the spotlight. Ever hear of or seen seed confetti, recycled cardboard tents, a talking trash can, edible dishes, recycled PES festival ribbons, dry soap dispensers, tokens made from wood cut offs? On top, we will present ideas around social integration, accessibility and hygiene. 

Franziska and Alexandra from the TUTAKA team as well as Jessi and Robert from fuchs & hirsch are on the PLAYGROUND from Wednesday to Saturday and offer 20-minute tours. If interested, please contact Alexandra (alexandra@tutaka.com).

Jacob Bilabel created the "Future Playgrounds" concept. He is the founder of the Green Music Initiative, a pan-European think-do-tank promoting a climate-friendly and sustainable music and entertainment industry.