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Branding & Insights

Building a Sustainable Brand Identity

TATUKA, TUKATA, TUTATA - we’ve heard it all. TUTAKA loves creative minds, so we truly welcome the wild letter combinations of our name by partners and friends. Nonetheless, we often get asked the question: What does the name stand for? Why does the logo look like its tinkered together? Let us explain! 

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Transparency & Supply Chain

Organic Cotton Picking in India

Franziska joined a producer of hospitality textiles to see where and how their organic and fair raw cotton is being planted and harvested. Read here about her learnings and field experiences. 

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Opinion & Statements

What we mean when we speak of sustainability

Concern. Discomfort. Questionmarks. Disdain. Laughter. We get it. The terminology “sustainability” polarizes. Even sustainability advocates struggle to find a common definition. Why? Because it is vague.

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Opinion & Statements

Things, we want to get rid of in 2019: Patriarchy

Well, you might consider this topic rather unrelated to hotel supplies, sustainability workshops, hotel slippers, straws... If you do, I am happy we are talking about it. With TUTAKA we are working hard on creating positive change in the hospitality industry. Positive change consists of a number of factors.

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Employee Dedication

Sustainable Workwear for Conscious Hosts 

Why should hosts invest in sustainable hospitality workwear? Because it matters. It matters to Ecoists. And Ecoists are a target group both as guests and employees that matters today and will matter even more in the future.

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Opinion & Statements

Why you should stick with us

Sure. You probably ask yourself why you should order from us. Of course, like you, we need to earn a living. We do that by receiving commissions on successful deals between you and suppliers of ecoistic products.

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On our own mission

Future of Hospitality - Innovation & Inventions

New ideas for more sustainability in hospitality - radical re-thinking of luxury and standards! TUTAKA presented this ambitious project objective in October 2018 to a group of students from the University of Wuppertal. 

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Knowledge & Support

What does the EU’s Plastic Directive imply for hosts, hotels, restaurants and event organizers?

The projects initiated so far only mark the beginning. It should be assumed that further legislation will follow. Every plastic convenience product not yet mentioned in the Directive might become the target of bans, reductions or information campaigns in the future.

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Knowledge & Support


Ways to make your festival more sustainable (available only in German)

Kommt es dir immer noch wie ein Ding der Unmöglichkeit vor, Tausende von Menschen davon zu überzeugen, in ihren Handlungen umweltbewusster zu sein und für Nachhaltigkeit vielleicht sogar mehr Geld auszugeben? Viele Festivals und Veranstalter zeigen bereits, dass es nicht immer teurer und umständlich sein muss, nachhaltig zu sein. (Der Artikel ist in Zusammenarbeit mit eventbrite und im Rahmen ihrer Festivaltrends Studie 2019 entstanden.)  

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