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The ultimate guest experience is a transformative one. Whether it is a new skill, boosted mindfulness or a cultural exposure – making guests co-hosts of their own experiences is an art in itself. The creation of moments of serendipity demands setting a stage without over-curating. That is why we do not only support hosts in their sustainable procurement, we have also carefully selected masterminds of different fields for you to get into conversation about new formats of hospitality. Be it quarterly music events, yoga retreats, health and mindfulness coaching, art exhibitions, libraries, natural cosmetic workshops. Why? Three reasons:


Stress release, self-affection and -awareness. Wellbeing comes from the inside and demands rituals beyond beauty products.


Building connections and promoting interactions. Sharing experiences and adventures. 


Utilizing creativity, sensitivity and manual labour for enriched and sustainable forms of materialism.

Retreats & Arrangements

Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga Teachers (Kundalini, Golden Bridge, Vinyasa, Children Yoga), Health and Stress Release Coaches, Nutrition Experts. Organize workshops, retreats or treatments and invite transformation into your house.

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Exhibitions & Happenings


Art affects people. Art moves, inspires, disrupts, lifts, provokes. Build a concept around topics you care for in cooperation with our experts. Organize an exhibition, live drawing event or art workshop!

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Concerts & Music evenings


Deliver true delight through musical experiences. Host a concert, music gatherings or workshops for your guests. Soloists, singers, bands, DJs, classical ensembles, brass, jazz – you name it.

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Concepts & Consultancy


Ban the dust from bookshelves and magazine corners. Together, let us design a unique literature concept your guests will truly care about. One that corresponds to moods, capacities, interests, personalities and the desire to transform and experience. With a story that will be worth and exciting to tell.

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Workshops & Trainings

Natural Cosmetics

There is plenty of magic in creating ones own. Invite a Natural Cosmetic Consultant for your guests to study ingredients and understand their meaning, access knowledge about compositions and formulas. Natural, organic, fair trade, vegan - of course. 

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