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Sustainable Workwear for Conscious Hosts 

by Franziska Altenrath

What do we even mean when we speak of good workwear? Good workwear is sustainable workwear. What we mean by sustainability? Read our article here. In short: For us, sustainability is a vague term containing a broad variety of aspects looking at improvements for people, animals and the planet as a whole. Improvements can be both: removing negative impacts and accelerating positive impacts.

Back to workwear. Hospitality workwear such as aprons or chef uniforms are made of fabrics and supplements and should serve both in a functional and aesthetic way. Functional as in being comfortable, hard-weary and easy to take care of. Aesthetics depend on the environment the restaurant, hotel, bar, cafe, catering or event space operates in. A trendy Berlin Cafe won’t use the same look as a Grand Hotel in the Swiss Countryside. 

Sustainable workwear brands have carefully monitored the value chain as a whole and will have made improvements along the way: Replacing conventional materials with organic ones or another non-harmful, non-toxic yet functional material with a minimized footprint. They might have developed their own manufacturing procedures, supplements or cuts. They will have checked wages and made sure they comply with living wages to ensure dignified living standards for their employees. They might have chosen regional suppliers. They might have put an extra emphasis on aesthetics and functionality to make sure the garment will be used and valued for the longest time possible.

Now why should hosts invest in sustainable hospitality workwear? 
Because sustainability matters. It matters to Ecoists. And Ecoists are a target group both as guests and employees that matter today and will matter even more in the future. Ecoists as guests will care about how a brand that they decided to interact with treats its employees. Ecoists as employees will consider a company's commitment to its workforce and the state of the world. Ecoists strive for having an impact. They want to be part of a global community that proactively stands behind the Sustainable Development Agenda. They look for new ways of consumption. Products that tell stories, services that create memories, designers, developers and manufacturers with a vision and deep understanding of their respective field. They challenge profit-oriented structures and demand answers to a brand’s overall purpose for society.

Now, let’s imagine you are amongst those willing to act. Let’s assume you created your own vision, analysed the status quo, defined measures and steps to be taken, implemented a monitoring system and that you keep on reporting the results. Awesome. 

But how do you share your efforts with them Ecoists? How do you show them you care? How do you prevent falling for Cliches or being accused of Greenwashing? 

Communicating sustainability is a challenging exercise. In an environment designed for comfort and intimacy, an overload of information and messages can be toxic. The good news is that there are better messengers than posters, flyers or stand-up displays. Right, we are talking about humans. We have your employees in mind. If you are on a sustainability mission, there is no better way than involving those who work for and with you. And there is no better way of onboarding them for sustainability than giving them clothes that carry the essence of your mission and values. Sustainability will be lifted from being a theory and castle in the clouds. 

Sustainable workwear can motivate your employees to consider their own actions and working routines for improvements. They might use less resources. They might repair instead of throwing away. Sustainability on their skin might make them share their knowledge and your brand’s commitment with guests and new employees. They will feel well taken care of and will be less inclined to quit their job.

Sustainable workwear is a powerful tool for happiness and commitment amongst your workforce. Browse through our trusted suppliers and get inspired by their creativity and dedication. Check out our favorite workwear suppliers on our marketplace for sustainable products and supplies soon.


  • Good workwear is non-toxic, non-harmful, hospitality clothing resulting from a transparent supply chain respecting local living wages with both smart functionalities and aesthetics
  • You should invest in good workwear to show your employees that you care about their wellbeing. This can attract new talent and increase loyalty.
  • Good workwear might also motivate employees to act more sustainable for example by saving resources or repairing before throwing away.
  • Good workwear will also motivate employees to share your broader commitment and your brand’s overall dedication to sustainability to guests. 
  • Good workwear can consequently be a great tool for both employee satisfaction and guest communication.
  • Happy team - happy life ;) 

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