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Why you should stick with us

by Franziska Altenrath and Alexandra Herget 

Together we celebrate your commitment by showing it to the world. When you procure through us, you will receive the “Ecoistic Host by TUTAKA” Widget.

Sure. You probably ask yourself why you should order from us. Of course, like you, we need to earn a living. We do that by receiving commissions on successful deals between you and suppliers of ecoistic products. 

Now you might think: Wouldn’t I save the commission by buying straight from the supplier? No. You would not. You create yourself more workload, but the price stays the same. This is crucial for us! Sometimes we bundle orders and even lower prices can be achieved. For all of this and your enquiries, you have one contact person: us! 

The commission is paid by our suppliers. The amount complies with the “Marketing & Sales” share in their product price calculation.  

You, you, you! 
We focus on you, the host. Why? Because we know you well. We know, whats on your mind and have plenty of tools to assist you in creating everlasting guest experiences.
Ordering with us is your entry ticket to TUTAKA Island. We invite you to participate in exciting workshops and events, keep you in the loop with future issues, and have a couple of interesting ideas ready to be discovered. For example how sustainable storytelling works, how you can make sleep your unique selling proposition or how you communicate your latest purchase, i.e. chic upcycled glasses, on social media. 

Ecoistic Host by TUTAKA Widget
Together we celebrate your commitment by showing it to the world. When you procure through us, you will receive the “Ecoistic Host by TUTAKA"-Widget. 

Stick with us
Thus, stick with us. Then we promise to source further products and suppliers that will blow your ecoistic mind, give you plenty of ideas on holistically sustainable guest experiences, share information and tipps, host inspiring workshops and preach ecoism. Nonsense. We do not preach. Never. Almost never.

If you are a bustling, suspicious hobby detective, go ahead: Contact our suppliers and say “Hi!” from us. We really like each other. 

Product development and research 
Oh - and if your dream project causes you sleep deprivation, but you can't find it on our marketplace - get in touch with us anyway. We love product development, design and research. 

Ready, set, go, you Ecoist! Search and find products that will make your guest experiences as unforgettable, incomparable and awesome just like you. 

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  • We list the same prices as our suppliers. Sometimes, when a few of you enquire the same product within a short timeframe, we even bundle orders to achieve discounts for you.
  • 99 problems, one contact: TUTAKA. If anything goes wrong, you know where to find us. 
  • Become part of TUTAKA Island, stay up-to-date, explore thrilling workshops and receive our “Ecoistic Host by TUTAKA" Widget 

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