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Building a sustainable brand identity

by Alexandra Herget

When we started working on our brand identity, it was essential that our driving force - sustainability - would be visualized in a smart and multiple applicable way. 

TATUKA, TUKATA, TUTATA - we’ve heard it all. TUTAKA loves creative minds, so we truly welcome the wild letter combinations of our name by partners and friends. Nonetheless, we often get asked the question: What does the name stand for? Why does the logo look like its tinkered together? Let us explain!

Logo, color palette & image language
TUTAKAs logo is part of our sustainable brand identity philosophy. It can be recycled and upcycled, is renewable and reusable - just like many of our products. The forms and shapes can be combined with each other to create new icons, illustrations and stories. Have a look at our “About Us” page - beautiful, right? It’s made up from the forms of our logo. These can be reused eternally - it never stops, just like the pathway to sustainability. It is a process, step-by-step, brick-by-brick.

What about the colors? We prefer 1-color printing, our logo is black. However, we are colorful, so our secondary colors are red, yellow and blue (RYB). Modern scientific color theory has determined that magenta, yellow and cyan are the best set of three colorants to combine for the widest range of high-chroma colors - bright, strong, intense, pure. No green. No cliché.

Name T-U-T-A-K-A
TUTAKA is a phantasy name. When we thought of it, we imagined Pippi Longstocking on her way to Taka Tuka island to save her father. Her boldness, desire for adventures and her courage inspired us. We decided to create our own island - TUTAKA - where we enable hosts to greater sustainable practice.

We consider the impact of our decisions and actions on our customers, suppliers, community, the environment and us - daily! Some of the things we do and tools we use and that are quite easy to implement are the following:

- Web search engine The Berlin-based company uses the ad revenue to plant trees where they are needed the most.
- Digital invoices instead of paper storms
- When printing, we do it with dieUmweltdruckerei - fossil fuel free printing colors, climate neutral, 100% recycling paper
- Alternatives to 100% recycling paper, that we also fancy: seed paper or Gmund Act Green
- Environmental friendly mail with our partner DHL GoGreen
- We really try to get everywhere we can with the train. From time to time that isn’t possible. In that case we compensate our flights with our alliance partner myclimate.
- Every quarter we look up with how much carbon dioxide our website produced. That amount we also compensate. [Note: The internet produces 2% of global carbon emissions, roughly the same as that bad boy of climate change, the aviation industry.]
- We give producers and providers of sustainable B2B products and services a voice and higher visibility.

And what’s ahead?
In the near future, we want to become a B-Corp certified company. We would also like to support the Tomorrow-Banking team and as soon as they have business accounts, we will switch. Promise. Hopefully, we will also be moving into a new office - so it will be time for some furniture. Maybe from this one here: ONE FOR HUNDRED - for every piece of furniture that they sell one hundred new trees are planted. Two new laptops need to be bought. We will do that with refurbed - a marketplace for refurbished electronics, which are used products that are completely renewed and resold.

What we do for our team spirit, minds and hearts?
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  • We have developed a sustainable corparate identity. Our logo, color scheme and set of illustrations are part of this. 
  • The name TUTAKA stands for boldness, courage, transparency and adventure. 
  • In our daily business operations we have dozens of sustainable practices in place and like to share them with you. 
  • ... and there is more to come! 

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The forms and shapes of our logo can be combined with each other to create new icons, illustrations and stories.